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Who We Are

We are a youth led and driven movement restoring the environment through awareness creation, youth led-actions and technology

Eco Warriors Movement provides a platform to create awareness of the current state of the environment; to reiterate the inalienable connection of humanity to nature and a call to action to restore nature and to preserve it for posterity.


The mission of Eco Warriors Movement is to spark a nature restoration action in the youth through awareness creation, advocacy and action led approaches


Our vision is to see a youth led action towards sustainable development and nature conservation.


You can donate to support us on our MTN Mobile Money Number : +233 2454 54454

Area of Focus

Awareness Creation

We create awareness of environmental issues. We form Eco Clubs in schools.

Climate Change

The act of tree planting is projected as key intervention for global warming.


Poor sanitation practices render the environment incapable of performing core ecological services.


We speak for nature!!! We make sure environmentally friendly policies are made.

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You can donate to support us on our MTN Mobile Money Number : +233 2454 54454

Famous Quotes

The world is not to be put in order. The world is order. It is for us to put ourselves in unison with this order
Henry Miller
Writer And Artist
What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.
Chris Maser
International Speaker
Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.
Henry David Thoreau

Ongoing Projects

Some of our projects which are currently running

We form Eco Clubs in schools. The members of the club are educated on tree planting and then become ambassadors for tree planting. We plant trees on school farms (Agroforestry), stool lands and land that is abandoned like refuse dump, landfill site. This way we are assured of having our trees grow without any abrupt land use change. We do multiple stakeholder consultations with stakeholders like, traditional leaders, school masters and teachers, youth leaders, religious groups and the assemblies for sustainability of the project. With club members we plant indigenous tree species that are threatened. Our aim is to create arboretums in High Schools and communities where students can see and appreciate these tree species and also mitigate climate change.

Trees absorb carbon and release oxygen. If we can innovatively harness these two properties of trees then we can mitigate climate change whiles simultaneously refreshing the air in polluted areas. This is our novel initiative: to plant shady trees around public toilets in Kumasi. Public toilets are noted for their unfriendly smell and offensive odor and climate change is fast approaching but depending on the type of tree and where it is planted both environmental challenges can be solved. And we do this through our Climate Smart Tree Planting Project. By the end of the project in November 2020, we seek to plant 2000 trees around 417 public toilets in Kumasi – places where tree would not have been traditionally planted.

The projects educates student in basic and high schools about the current state of the environment, the impending danger if a restoration action is not taken and help them to kick start a restoration action. It also involves planting trees with the student as an action to mitigate climate change. We seek to plant 5000 trees in 50 schools by June 2020. The core objective of the project is to form Eco Clubs in schools where pupils will be trained as environmental leaders to poilice the environment and the ecosystem at large

  • Capitalizing on the interest of the youth in media and technology and their growing interest in supporting environmental activities, it will be advantageous to create an online platform that will give the youth opportunity to have fun by sharing posts and commenting on activities that are environmentally related. The platform, like Facebook, should be easy to access and user friendly and should as well provide information on environmental opportunities and how the youth can volunteer. By so doing, the gap between youth involvement in environmental activities and youth availability will be bridged with technology. Project EcoMedia will also be a platform for carbon trading.

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