Who we are

The Eco Warrior Movement is a youth driven and led movement that is intended to restoring degraded landscape and mitigate climate change by an integrated and inclusive approach. The Eco Warriors Movement provides a platform to create awareness of the current state of the environment; to reiterate the inalienable connection of humanity to nature and a call to action to restore nature and to preserve it for posterity.

The project resonates on the principle of Individual Based Approach (IBA) where the individual is seen as the center for a restoration action and therefore owes it a responsibility to Nature to protect, restore and conserve it. The Individual Based Approach unlike most environmental management systems concentrates on the individual through household engagement to kick start an environmental action.

In this new approach individuals are the pivot for the change they expect to see and they are recognized for that. And also take responsibility for their actions. This approach makes every individual an ambassador for the change he preaches by first doing it personally. In our quest to restore nature it should be noted that an individual centered approach will not only increase expected results but also answer the question: who is responsible?

What We Do

Eco Warriors Movement is a movement that is concerned with sustainable environment. We believe if the current state of the environment is effectively communicated to the young generation who are the future leaders and they are taught to restore nature then can we achieve the restoration we all seek. So we educate Basic School pupils and spark in them environmental consciousness – this we do through our Eco-Education programs in schools. We as Eco Warriors believe that a youth led action is a sustainable approach in dealing with environmental problems. One of our main focus is to develop measures that will help humanity to adapt to and mitigate climate change. Climate change has wide-ranging effects on the environment, and on socio-economic and related sectors, including water resources, agriculture and food security, human health, terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity and coastal zones. This makes climate change interests us most.

Tree planting is a key intervention for managing global carbon to mitigate climate change. Our project – Climate Smart Tree Planting is also adding up to the numerous global tree planting projects but this time to achieve an additional purpose of air refreshing in sanitation related areas. By the end of the project in November 2020 the project is set out to plant 2000 trees around 417 public toilets in Kumasi (areas which normally will not be considered for tree planting.) We want to mitigate climate change, we want to conserve the forest, we want to keep the aesthetics of the environment and we want to do all these inline with our culture and customs.

We want to mitigate climate change, we want to conserve the forest, we want to keep the aesthetics of the environment and we want to do all these inline with our culture and custom

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Eco Warriors Movement is to spark a nature restoration action in the youth through awareness creation, advocacy and action led approaches


Our vision is to see a youth led action towards sustainable development and nature conservation.

Our Approach

All projects of Eco Warriors Movement are based on our operational philosophy called the Individual Based Approach (IBA).